Experts in stainless steel for engineering and construction

Stainless Steel Training Seminars

working at the Spire, DublinWe offer and give regular seminars on the use of stainless steel in concrete to consulting engineers, local authorities and related Government Agencies as well as contractors and trade associations interested in learning more about the use of stainless steel reinforcement in concrete.

Simple solutions are the best.

We all accept that stainless steel is an expensive material.

But, when used selectively with high tensile carbon steel in reinforced concrete, the benefits in improved durability of the concrete structure far outweigh the marginal increase in up front project costs. When analysed in Whole-Life-Cycle cost analysis the selective use of stainless becomes compelling - where durability is an issue.

The principle reasons for giving stainless steel reinforcement serious consideration are as follows:

and, so, consequently, time on site over the whole history of the project.

Our ideal seminar time is 45 to 60 minutes and longer. However, we are happy to tailor shorter talks to meet individual requirements.